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Professional IT solutions for the online community and the Victoria, BC area.

Business Solutions

E-Mail Solutions - Every business needs e-mail. We can help ensure you implement the ideal solution for your business needs, whether you require a feature-rich web-mail system, secure internal corporate e-mail, or anything in between.

Telephone Systems - Voice over IP, the standard for office communications, offers such benefits as automated voice answering menus, ring groups, queues, vacation-responders, free voice-mail sent to your e-mail, conference calling, and many more.

Workstations - Whether you're planning a single-workstation studio office or multiple offices networked over a VPN uplink, we'll help you achieve the best solution for your business.

Microsoft Active Directory Configuration - With Active Directory managing multiple systems becomes a snap. Install software on all workstations within an office or project group, maintain system updates throughout the office, log into any workstation with a single set of credentials, and reap the many benefits of centralized user and resource management.

Emergency Response Service - You may not be able to predict when your systems will fail, but we can help you ensure that when something goes wrong it receives immediate attention to minimize downtime for your users.

Hands-On IT Consultation - Whatever the need may be, we can help make it happen.

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