NetworkSense Consulting

Professional IT solutions for the online community and the Victoria, BC area.

Network & Database Services

Network Audits - Beginning with a thorough security assessment, our network audits include an evaluation of potential vulnerabilities, identification of bottlenecks, scrutiny of policy & bandwidth abusers, and a report outlining recommendations to improve performance and security throughout your network.

Network Planning & Installation - Whether you're building a new network from scratch, expanding your current network, or planning ahead for future growth, we can help you every step of the way.

Connectivity - Ensure your network stays connected at all times with load-balancing and fault-tolerance. We'll help you choose and install the connectivity solution that's best for your network so you can stay online even when your primary ISP suffers outages.

Cloud Services - Everyone's talking about the cloud. What can it actually do for you? We'll help you assess the potential benefits of moving your network services to a cloud-based infrastructure. Clients can typically reduce overhead by hundreds of dollars per month.

Database Services - Our database specialist will work independently or with your web developer(s) to ensure your database is reliable and efficient. Whether you're building a new database, moving an old database, or in need of help fixing a broken database, count on us for professional assistance.

Plans & Hourly Rates - From custom network consultation to monthly uptime protection plans, we can help with any network requirement.